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Всепогодные шины: универсальные шины для вашего автомобиля

Одна из важнейших задач, которую необходимо учитывать, чтобы поддерживать свой автомобиль в отличном состоянии, — это выбрать для него подходящий тип шин. Поскольку шины — единственная часть вашего автомобиля, которая касается земли, они сильно бьются, когда вы едете. Прочитать больше


Cоветы по приготовлению стейка на гриле. Доставка продуктов на дом

Мне потребовалось много походов в разные мясные магазины и несколько повторений на кухне, пока я не достиг уровня удовлетворения своим жареным стейком; уровень, который можно сравнить с тем, когда я был в знаменитых стейк-хаусах. Прочитать больше


How to Promote Your Business on YouTube: A Beginner’s Guide

About 50 million Russian users visit YouTube. This army of buyers. Therefore, many companies have learned to sell here, building whole mechanics of attracting attention and building trust in their product.

In the video, you can show and convincingly demonstrate the advantages and features of the product, demonstrate how the service is arranged, go to visit the company, talk to its director or satisfied customers.

Additionally, you can buy real youtube views.

Promoting a video on YouTube, especially on a regular basis, is a huge amount of small chores. So that you don’t miss anything and do everything right, we are sharing a checklist — it will help you understand the YouTube algorithms.

This material is equally useful for those who will independently promote the video, and those who plan to delegate this responsibility to the performer. The checklist will allow you to correctly set the technical task, as well as check the level of knowledge of the specialist to whom you entrust this difficult task. So let’s go.

The main thing you need to know about YouTube promotion
YouTube assumes complex promotion. If you think that having collected a bunch of views, likes and comments, the video will conquer the vastness of the Internet, then you are deeply mistaken. There are several groups of factors that should be considered equally when promoting a video. Let’s talk about the most important of them:

Internal characteristics of the video are YouTube specific CEO. Everything related to optimization of keywords, titles, descriptions, tags and links — work with the video itself.

The external characteristics of a video are the reactions of users to the video. Likes, reposts, comments, sharing a link to a video are common forms of communication with the viewer.
Channel promotion. In addition to the most obvious — the number of subscribers — the channel has other characteristics that will affect the distribution of the video. These are channel optimization, its description, selection of keys, the number of backlinks to the channel, and even the organization of playlists.
Channel concept. Without a clear understanding of the topic of the channel and adherence to it, there will be no success. For whom the channel was created, how it will be useful to the viewer, why it is worth subscribing to it right now — you should convey this idea in the trailer, in each video, in each section, and even in the text of the channel’s banner.

Video content. YouTube’s primary metric is retention. It is important to make high-quality and interesting content that viewers will watch to the end.

Video content. YouTube’s primary metric is retention. It is important to make high-quality and interesting content that viewers will watch to the end.

Even the text in the channel banner is important.
Only with regular work with all areas can you achieve high ranking in search engines.